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Nu ştim alţii cum sunt, dar noi ne simţim acasă în Muzeul nostru. Adică ne simţim bine, ne place să privim în jur în sălile prietenoase cu pereţi pictaţi, pline de obiecte frumoase sau surprinzătoare sau, dimpotrivă, familiare. Ne simţim mai aproape de părinţi şi simţim totodată că aici avem ce povesti şi copiilor. Muncind împreună mai mult de jumătate din zi, din când în când între noi se coagulează relaţii apropiate, asemănătoare relaţiilor de familie. Nu ştiţi dacă să ne credeţi? Exagerăm poate? Veniţi acasă la Muzeul Ţăranului şi verificaţi...



The Museum of the Romanian Peasant Anthropology Review
Revue d’anthropologie du Musée du Paysan Roumain

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant is seeking contributions for its annual review Martor 20/2015. The Martor review is a peer reviewed academic journal, established in 1996, indexed by EBSCO and CEEOL, with a focus on cultural and visual anthropology, ethnology and museology. (Please see contents here and full articles here

The theme of our 20th issue is Imaginary of the human body: representation, discourse, practice.
We understand the human body as a cultural artifact, opened to negotiations and mutations, forged in a particular context - historical, cultural or social. Object of academic interest, of medical intervention, of philosophical, theological, and historical reflections, the body is the product of its fluid borders, configured and reconfigured in multiple ways and contexts.

Mediated by language, disciplined by sciences, incorporating political power and social relations, philosophical, anthropological, archaeological, linguistic, sociological, medical, psychoanalytical product, mediator of inter-human relations and involved witness of our passage through the world, the 'body' continues to escape the rigours of language and discourse.

Assuming this fundamental inadequacy, the volume aims to gather original articles which explore the meanings the body acquired over time, its representations, discourses and practices in different contexts and sciences. Seeking a multi-disciplinary approach on these topics, we encourage contributions from different fields of anthropology, sociology, history, archaeology, philosophy, ethics, museology, arts etc.

Some of the topics which might be considered are:
• The relationship between identity and the human body.
• The body & society. Representations of the body throughout history (in text, pictures, art, etc.)
• The body as object of research and study.
• The body and the medical imagery - social, political, and ethical implications.
• The body in funerary practices.
• The body as memory carrier (scars and other life events enscribed in the body)
• The body in museum practice / the body as museum object.

We are expecting texts, in either English or French of 7.000 to 10.000 words by November 1th, 2014. High quality images supporting the argument are a plus in the selection process. We encourage early submission in the form of abstracts and expressions of interest.

Please e-mail your submissions and any inquiries (e.g. editorial guidelines) to: Alexandra Ion, Institute of Anthropology Francisc I. Rainer & University of Bucharest (, Corina Doboș, University College London & University of Bucharest ( and Simina Bădică, Museum of the Romanian Peasant (

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